♥Outfit of the night ♥ 08-28-2010

so today my bf and i went to dinner, and since the weather has been in the 80'F i decided to wear this black blazer wich i really like.
here's exacly what im wearing:
Black blazer:forever21
Olive shirt:forever21
black jeans: charlotte Russe
Earrings and necklace:it was a gift from one of my best friends for my b-day(i love it)

Hope everyone have a great weekend and be safe love you all



  1. You look great! Love the lipstick color, such a good choice to make a pop in your outfit :)

  2. Cute outfit!


  3. Love it! =)


  4. I love the outfit and your lipgloss.. what brand/color is it?

  5. This is a cute outfit, I read your post awhile ago about people stealing your pictures and using them for thier profiles. I totally know how you feel it has happened to me in the past. If you know how to watermark your picture where it's transparent but you can put it on your whole picture like Kimmie's picture is on your profile, that would be better. I've had tagged pictures taken from me before and it's not cool. A friend of mine had people steal her pictures cut off her tags and put it on a escort website.