Im on kim kardasian website!!!!(My dream come true)

im very exited about this post,that i dont even know how to start.As many of you already know,im featured on kim kardashian blog what an honor,this just has been the best birthday present ever .Kim kardashian ispired me so much and i think im not the only one im sure theres many girls out there that love her as much as i do.Her style,makeup and hair always perfect,like i said before yes SHE IS A FASHION ICON. i remember the day i was first watching her show back in 2006, she was the one that caught my atention.alot of people would tellme you just want to be like her ,and they would laught at me. and now hard work has paid off, & i cannot wait to meet her in person and tell her how much i admire and lover her ,now that she knows who i am,(i hope she still remember me Lol). Also want to thank (kasia) the girl who runshttp://iheartkim.net/ for everything shes done for me you are the best doll i hope to meet u one day.and last but no less thank you to all my followers on twitter, facebook, youtube, "fashion" and here my personal blog i love you all thanks for all you worlds and sweet messages. you guys have made my smile grow so big .

Her words made me cry !!!!

My fans at iheartkim.net just started a new section on her site called ‘Fashion Center,’ and it is so cute!! Shout out to Kasia and Maytedoll who co-created the new fashion center!
She has recreated some of my recent looks and wow, what an amazing job she has done! She listed all of the items she used to recreate the look and where you can get them from, and also did a super cute make-up tutorial too. I’m so glad you like my style and have found ways to make it your own! You are rocking it, girl!
I love my fans so much! You guys are so dedicated and creative and I love sharing everything with you.


im sure this is the beginning of something big & i prommise i will keep u updated visit "FASHION"



  1. I am excited for you! Once again, congrats and keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Your going to meet her one day... I just know it! xo T


  3. That's so awesome! I'm so happy for you. You deserve it cause you do an amazing job.


  4. Congratulations doll. You deserve it. It must be so hard finding similar items that she has, but you do it! ;) I'm abig fan of your blog, great job!

  5. omg congratulations!! that's crazy amazing :) lol

  6. I'm also such a fan of Kim and I love love love your iheartkim blog! Congrats!

  7. hey i do remember seeing you! n also i jus saw u the other day! on when she wantd ppl to send her pics of the book!!