*Sex and the city 2*

OMG!!!! Sex and the city 2 Was amazing way better than the first one (in my opinion). If you haven't seen it i definitely recommend it .So here are some pictures of my day hope you all enjoy it :-)here with my friend Ana Some clips of the movie LOl

*BEBE* Summer 2010 collection ( My Favorites)


OMG!!!! hoow cute is the new bebe summer 2010 collection,as you all know im so into rompers and jumpsuits right now,(spring/summer) they re are so cute & the most have piece in your
wardrobe this season.So here are my favorite pieces ,i want all of themLol.Hope u enjoy it

P.S let me know wich one is your Favorite :-)

*Mesh Cargo Pocket Romper* *Silk Strapless Jumpsuit*

*Silk Pleated Jumpsuit*

*Silk Short Romper*

Outfit of the day: The romper trend

Hi DOLLS so here i am with another blogpost ."the romper trend" these are 2 of my favorites at the moment,i love this thend so much i think is so in for summer.

the first romper is in black and white (Love the fabric).

If you want to see more about this outfit check out my Outfit of the day video

So The day i got the black and white romper i didnt get the pink and purple one.BUT yes i went back to the store and bougth it. im going to do a blogpost soon about how you can style different types of rompers and jumpsuits:-)

Hope You all have a great weekend I LOVE YOU ALL
XOXO :-)

"kardahians by bebe line" black jumpsuit.

First khloe wore this beautiful matte jersey jumpsuit from the kardashians by bebe line back in may 07 2010 she wore it with a chanel belt and killer gucci shoes so cute.

Then yesterday may-11-2010 Kourtney kardashian wore the same jumper for the launch of the Virgins, Saints & Angels collection at kitson in L.A.And then me LOL. i wore this beautiful jumsuit yesterday the same day kourtney wore hers hahaha how funny we wore the same thing ,the same day.to be honest when the collection first came out in april i didnt like this jumper but when i tried it out it fits amazing ,it looks way better then on the hanger .Definitely a must have piece in you wardrobe for this summer.

CHEK OUT MY outfit of the day video

The Hermes Birkin bag.

It is known to all that only the richest and most famous woman owns the unique Hermes Birkin bag.The "Birkin" bag is a hand-built purse from Hermès. It is named after actress Jane Birkin. Products are typically more than $10,000, particularly when using exotic skin. A bag may take 48 manhours to make. They are distributed to Hermès boutiques on unpredictable schedules and limited quantities, creating scarcity and exclusive.

Kim kardashian loves her white/cream hermes birkin purse

*Kim k wearing the green military version of hermes birking purse*

Lady GAGA arrives to tokio, holding a white hermes birkin bag (veru unique) Yes !!! Lady Gaga just wrote on her $3,000 bag with a black permament marker to tell her Japanese fans:
“I love small monster, Tokyo love.”

l Heidi Montag stepped out with an off-white Hermes Birkin purse.exclusivity.

Kim kardashian wearing a black hermes birkin Victoria beckan wearing a Pink crocodile Hermes Birkin purse.

SO i was reading a magazine and i found this 2 purses from a website called it http://www.shopsueyboutique.com/ OMG!!!! they are the cutes purses ever i own the black one and i cant wait to order the white,theyre replicas from the original hermes birkin purses!!!!come on lets be real i honestly.i will never spent $ 5.000.00 or $8.000,00 thousand dollars on a bag.

So i hope you like this review let me know what do you think????

CELEST SATCHEL - Black $68.00

CELEST SATCHEL- Cream $68.00


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XOXO ;-)