The Hermes Birkin bag.

It is known to all that only the richest and most famous woman owns the unique Hermes Birkin bag.The "Birkin" bag is a hand-built purse from Hermès. It is named after actress Jane Birkin. Products are typically more than $10,000, particularly when using exotic skin. A bag may take 48 manhours to make. They are distributed to Hermès boutiques on unpredictable schedules and limited quantities, creating scarcity and exclusive.

Kim kardashian loves her white/cream hermes birkin purse

*Kim k wearing the green military version of hermes birking purse*

Lady GAGA arrives to tokio, holding a white hermes birkin bag (veru unique) Yes !!! Lady Gaga just wrote on her $3,000 bag with a black permament marker to tell her Japanese fans:
“I love small monster, Tokyo love.”

l Heidi Montag stepped out with an off-white Hermes Birkin purse.exclusivity.

Kim kardashian wearing a black hermes birkin Victoria beckan wearing a Pink crocodile Hermes Birkin purse.

SO i was reading a magazine and i found this 2 purses from a website called it http://www.shopsueyboutique.com/ OMG!!!! they are the cutes purses ever i own the black one and i cant wait to order the white,theyre replicas from the original hermes birkin purses!!!!come on lets be real i honestly.i will never spent $ 5.000.00 or $8.000,00 thousand dollars on a bag.

So i hope you like this review let me know what do you think????

CELEST SATCHEL - Black $68.00

CELEST SATCHEL- Cream $68.00


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XOXO ;-)


  1. wow thats a really good dupe! you should get it. very stylish!

  2. These are a MUST HAVES BOTH!! even if im super bad in keeping track of my bags jajaja Remember at the Mall lol

  3. Wow they are both gorgeous! I know as tempting as it would be we (us normal lot) could never really spend that much! Yours are stunning though!

    I can't remember if I told you I tagged you for an award here http://boobie-monster.blogspot.com/2010/05/taggy-tag-tags.html#comments :)

    If I did I'm sorry! I just keep getting in trouble for not telling people lol! xx

  4. @Kirsty thanks doll.& no u dindt told me about the tag but thanks :-)

  5. @oOoLaLaALA yes doll im getting the with one for sure.

  6. @ashleyrubi i know i really want the white one im going to order it asap.

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