My Chritsmas haul.

All these gifts were from my boyfriend (except the last one) he really did a great job i couldnt ask for more thank u so much my love :-)
The minute i saw these 2 presents under the tree i got so exited.
J'adore Dior perfume set
(Click the image to enlarge)WOW!!!
Diorshow mascara.Dior addict 247 lip gloss and a mine size of Miss Dior cherie perfume
(i need to get the full size i love the smell)
one shower gel, two body lotion a cosmetic pouch and a Dior J'adore perfume.

two feather necklaces

blazer color mint.

a pair of black booties

leopard heels

wedge brown boots

my friend got me 2 nail polishes one is by opi (parlez-vous) love and beauty (magenta) victoria secret beauty rush set.

i hope everyone got cute presents :-)


  1. Wow! I Love all your gifts! I hope you enjoy them ;0)

  2. that's a lot of gifts.. wow wow wow! love the perfume and make up..^^

  3. Great gifts! =) Thanks for sharing! =)

    Happy Holidays!

  4. aww lucky you =)

  5. Great gifts. Enjoy. :)

  6. the perfume set HAS to be the best purchase


  7. i love your main pic on your blog...just wonderign where did u get the top and the bralette from?