what i wore today 12.02.2010

hey dolls, so today it was a fun day i did some chrtimas shopping with my bf. the weather today was amazing no too cold just perfect . Enjoy it :-)
What Im wearing?
Booties,jeans and shirt: forever21
green military jacket:target
hat and accesories:charlotte Russe
Bag: shopsueyboutique.com
Note:All the things im wearing have been bought with my own money.


  1. AHHH love the shoes! You put together the most cutest outfits! Thank you :) <3

  2. Loving that outfit little mama!! You look FAB. Thanks for sharing, Love Sia x

  3. Love it! =)


  4. I didn't even realize there was a hat. Great look.

  5. Hi, I've tried to post a couple times but now I have an e-mail account I think I can!
    Love your style a lot because it's the same as mine :)
    What's your winter must have? This year I'm very into leggings :)
    Just one thing: I think you look better with your hair dyed in brown, like you did once, I know Kim is your icon and you follow her style but I think she looks better with black hair while you look better with brown hair I loved when you dyed it (in agoust or september I think) consider dye it again :)
    Greating from portugal girl I would love you to answer my comment

  6. @ramires aww thanks doll and my must have foor fall i think are boots and leggins. and yes im thinking going lighter for summer.

  7. I love the watch. I know you got it from target, but what brand is it? What kind is it exactly? Thanks!