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Monday, December 6, 2010

Outfit of the day 12-06-2010

What Im Wearing?
* Jacket and boots :Target I bought them last winter
*Olive leggings, scarf and top: Forever21


  1. Those boots are absolutely perfect, love them!

  2. Been to Forever 21 store today. Yay, so many fab items. And, I think I saw boots similar to yours.

  3. love the purse <33

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  4. You look Fab,Doll!

  5. LOVE your outfits, they are too cute. Can never have enough clothes =)

  6. Love target jackets! :)

  7. I love what you're wearing here, it's very casual but it's classy and I love that, I found out your site recently and I'm loving your style, I love leggings they're amazing for winter, I never really was into them but I bought ones with fur and now I love them, you should really show more looks with leggings for me to get inspirated ^^ (if you wouldn't mind)
    I love your bag it's sooooo pretty, unfortunatly we don't have a forever 21 in Portugal =( and I love your ring, I try to find one like that but no sucess lol
    thanks for posting

  8. BTW Ramires is my last name, you can call me Ana if you want :)

  9. hottie alert!!


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