Three things im obsessed with.

Today i decided to show you three things Im currently obsessed with or things that I collect. for example chlothes, shoes,accesories,magazines anything that has to do with fashionTell me if you want to see more posts like this one.
*Nail polishes: Yes i love nail polishes so much !!

My favorite colors for summer oranges, pinks and blues.

Perfumes my favorites are:

Gucci, Viva la Juicy and J'adore by Christian Dior

And Last but not least Blazers Yes i love them so much i've been collecting for over two years now.


  1. oh my... you got quite a collection of nail polishes =] I like how you organized it.

  2. i love everything i am also obsessesed with nail polish! i love it

  3. cute nail polish... and all your blazers!!! wow I need to get my blazer collection up...

  4. im also obsessed with nail polishes and blazers. you should do a post on how you organise your closet

  5. I LOVE this style post, I would def like to see more ; )

  6. I Looooove ur nail poilshes collections !
    I love collecting to .
    can you do closet tour? or can you show as you accorise collecion pls?