Chritsmas Eve & more.

My Outfit
 Dress: H&M/tights & shoes::target/ring: ebay.
 As i mentioned in my last post, i wanted to share some pictures from my chrismas eve.
 i hope you all had an amazing christmas. enjoy the pictures.
this is what my boyfriend got me for Chritsmas,this year i didnt ask for anything big or expensive, i told my bf just to buy me somthing from forever21 ( You know i love that store) and he said ok!. so this is what he gave me & im in love with everything , he really knows my taste in chlothes !!!
thank you so much for visit my blog
have a wonderful day :)


  1. So pretty..your boyfriend got you pretty gifts..he has great taste..I have to find that purse.

  2. I sent u an email & u never replied I guess ur super busy. Thanks :)

  3. Esta todo lindo me gusta el color de la chaqueta