Pink for valentine's day (outfit #1)

Outfit Details
pink blazer: genesis benefit store (Dallas) 
Top: h&m
Jeans: Express
Bag:shopsuey.com (old)
bijou fashion jewelry/forever21 & h&m

What i wore for lunch and movies                            What i wore for dinner
Stay tune for outfit # 2 

My valentines day:
During the day Ulysses (My boyfriend) and i decided to go out and have breakfast then we went to the movies after that, we came home  changed our outfits and went out to have dinner at Marquee Grill it was  delicious.
 To be honest i wasn't expecting anything for valentines but  hmy valentine surprised me with something i've been wanting for a long time a neon yellow/lime bag or clutch in this case i got both in one because you can carry it with the strap for a shoulder bag or without the strap and wear it as a clutch. thank you so much my 
Elliot Lucca cordoba neon yellow bag.

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  1. I loved your tshirt