The Juice Bar ( A three day cleanse)

Hi Loves!
A few weeks ago I went on three day juice cleanse. I was on a mission for a body juice cleanse, well the truth is that, I really wanted to reset and prepare my body to start eating clean and healthy and to detox it  from all the bad food I eat, and caffeine I consume. After I did my research I decided to go with "The juice Bar"  I picked up the The Greenskeeper Cleanse, a 3 day detox cleanse that it is designed to boots your body detox system. It includes:  (C-Blast,We Got The Beet, Skinny Greens, Green Detox, Hottie, Raw Almond Milk and Alkaline Lemon-Aloe Water) .My favorite juices were the Raw Almond Milk and The Hootie. I would recommend reading the instructions Here on what to do during and after the cleanse. 
This is how pretty much the 3 days summed up:
Day 1: I can't do this, I need food 
Day 2: This isn't bad 
Day 3: I feel great. I wasn't even thinking about food.
After the 3rd day I felt amazing less bloated and more energize. I really loved doing the 3 day detox/cleanse, and I would totally recommend it if you are looking for a healthy cleanse.

Also the Juice Bar Dallas is doing a 50 SHADES OF GREEN challenge. 
Challenge yourself to drink 5 green Juices a day for 10 days. If you make it to the end, the 10th day is free. Pick up a punch card at any Juice Bar location to track your progress. :)
Thank you so much for reading! 
Hope you guys have a great Holiday weekend.

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