Endless Eyewear + Free month subscription

Cape: SheIn (HERE) (Wearing size Medium)
Over-the-knee boots: Public Desire (HERE)
Sunglasses: Ditto.com  (HERE)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
In todays post I want to share with you guys Endless Eyewear  is a program designed by  Ditto.Com  a subscription service that allows Men and Women to pick out their favorite pair of designer glasses and then swap them for any other pair for just $24 a month. Endless Eyewear  offers more than 50 brands including Ray-Ban, Givenchy, Burberry and Prada.
How It Works!
* Select your favorite pair of sunglasses
* Keep them as long as you want, then when you're ready order a new pair and when the new ones   arrive, send the old ones back (you have 5 days to send them back).
*Swap anytime, free shipping both ways. Insurance is included. You can cancel anytime 
*Love them? Keep them. Members receive 15% off the purchase off their purchase.
                              The ones I'm wearing in this look are the Ray-Ban aviators Gold/Blue Mirror                                     Use code MAYTEDOLL for a special one month free of Endless Eyewear.
 I just ordered a new pair  using this promo code. Try it out and let me know what you guys think.

(Photos By: Carlos M.)

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