Channel Clogs* get the look for less

Hello :-)
So i was looking at http://www.forever21.com/ and Woow!!!! look what i found this cute clogs very similarI would said ,to the channel clogs, the big diferrence THE PRICE.
Channel clogs

if you CAN'Tafford $1,300 (LIKE ME) look at forever21.com they have this Biker Babe Clogs for the price of$24.80 what an amazing deal.Dont you think??? i already place my order AT FOREVER21.COM and i cannot wait to get them yeii!!!
Kim kardashian stylist recently posted this picture and she said......

"wish I could say these were mine but unfortunately they are not :(Kim just had me order these Chanel clogs that are sold out everywhere!!!!Just got them in the mail for her and I paired it with her nude chanel purse for her to wear SOON!!!

So get ready to rock this cute babies Lol .


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