Kim kardashian Inspired outfit/ Exiting News.

Hello dolls :-)
so this kim kardashian inspired outfit is very special for me because this is actually my first blog in "FASHION" but What is fashion??
Ok so my friend invited me to be part of this amazing website called Fashion wich is part of http://iheartkim.net/ the best kim kardashian fan site.this page is going to be all about kim, her style,make-up,inspired outfits and MORE.
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XOXO thank you*

What Im wearing?

Sweetshirt: Bebe (Bebe stores)
bootcut jeans and flats:Hollister


  1. i know this has nothing to do with the post but you twitpic a khaki driving cap, i was wondering where did you get that hat from? oh btw luv the ootd

  2. thanks doll that hat i bought it at forever 21.

  3. cute outfit! But it kind of make you look short =T What do you think about Hollister jeans? I used to work at Hollister so I have a pair from there but it shows my butt crack when I sit... I gets annoying 'cause I keep pulling my shirt down in the back so now I don't even bother to wear them. lol.

  4. wow u really really got this look down!